Before buying

The Warm Series will fit into most shoes, including sneakers, boots and ankle boots, sports shoes, hiking shoes, snowboarding boots and ski boots, motorcycle boots, safety shoes… It is particularly suited to shoes with removable insoles. The insoles will however not fit in most fashion shoes.

Available sizes range from EUR 36 to 47 to US Men’s 4 to 13 / Women’s 5.5 to 10. Please refer to the size chart below:


You should buy the model corresponding to your actual shoes size. Each model is designed to fit two sizes of shoes. You can trim your insoles to adjust to your actual foot size. For instance, if you are a European 38, you should buy the EUR 38/39 and trim it to fit your shoes.

If you are located in a country where we have retail distribution, you can always visit one of our retailers as they have fitting samples of all sizes.

You can cut your insoles using scissors but you need to be careful not to cut beyond the limit line drawn on the underside the insole. Cutting beyond the line will damage the heat-pad leading to the insoles not working anymore. Cutting beyond the line will also void the warranty.

To be able to connect your Digitsole insoles to your smartphone, your device must feature Bluetooth Smart, and operating with Android 5.0 minimum or iOS 9 and above. You can find this information in your device settings.


We have been able to insert electronics into the insoles, including a rechargeable battery and a heat-pad. Basically the heat-pad transforms energy from the battery into heat. This is managed by the user via the application.

For your safety and comfort. A built in thermostat will regulate the temperature of the insoles so that it is maintained and never exceeds the temperature set-up.

The heating area is located at the front of the insoles. In most cases, the sensation starts at the extremities - you rarely feel the cold at the heel - this is why we have chosen to heat the front. Thanks to the thermostat, the heating is auto-regulated, which means that the temperature chosen is set in the entire shoe environment. The thermostat make the insoles smart because they adapt the temperature to their environment for more comfort and well-being.

It takes one to three minutes to reach the desired temperature. The body temperature and the type of shoe and socks being worn depend on the ambient temperature.

The battery will last from 2 to 6 hours. However, battery life will depend on usage conditions like the temperature you set, the external temperature, the body temperature the type of shoes and socks being worn.


In the box, you will find your pair of Warm Series insoles, a double micro-USB cable and a user guide.

We recommend to use USB chargers with outputs between 1A and 2A. Chargers delivering less than 1A will not charge the insoles properly. We recommend that only our double micro-USB cable is used.

Depending on the type and output of USB charger you will use, your insoles can be recharged in as little as 2 hour 30 minutes with the fast charging technology we have built in (users chargers delivering 2A output)

No. Charging the insoles even while not fully discharged will not damage them.

The insoles should withstand a minimum of 500 cycles.

No, there is no risk of over-charging, as the battery will stop charging when it is completely recharged. However, avoid leaving the insoles plugged unnecessarily. When you don’t use your insoles for a long period, make sure they’re fully charged before used.

Heating feature – recommended for all weather conditions, for anyone suffering from cold feet, but also to improve comfort and health.

Leisure – Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Cycling, etc…

Professional – Construction sites & warehouse workers, Army, Police, etc…

Health - Many people with blood circulation issues will find that the Warm Series will improve their well-being, for instance those with Raynaud’s syndrome. The Warm Series is not a medical device. People should seek proper advice in case of doubt.

Performance tracking - keep track of how many steps you make and how many calories you burn anywhere, anytime. The Warm Series and its dedicated app also provide information that can used to evaluate your well-being.


Most people will feel comfortable with a temperature of 30°C / 86°F to 35°C. However the perception of temperature and comfort can vary significantly from person to person. For your comfort, you can set the temperature of your insoles by one degree increments ranging between 20°C / 68°F and 45°C/113°F.

Note that excessive temperature can cause discomfort. Your app will display a warning message when you set a temperature higher than 40°C / 104°F.

Here at Digitsole, we do not compromise the safety of our customers. During the designing of the Warm Series, we strove to keep safety as a highest priority and worked on making the product water-resistant and extremely robust.


The electronics and battery are sealed in a water-resistant case that is certified IP56.  This means that unlike any other product, it will not only withstand the moisture and humidity of your feet, but it will also withstand any accidental water penetration in your shoes. Digitsole is the only company on the market today with a safe, fully water-resistant heated insole. Should water be in contact with the insoles, let them dry at ambient temperature. Do not place them on a hot surface or a radiator.

Shock resistant:

When you walk, your body weight up to 3 times if force is applied by your feet with each step. This is why we have designed the insoles to support up to 500 kg / 1100 lbs.

Dust resistant:

Norm IP56: resistant to dust

In many cases, it is poor blood circulation in the tips of the toe that leads to the sensation of cold. Hence, heating the extremities will facilitate blood circulation and in turn reduce the sensation of cold. This can apply to people who are occasionally cold to people with certain identified diseases like Raynaud’s syndrome. In these cases, the Warm Series will definitely improve your comfort.

However, please note that the Warm Series is not a medical device. Should you have any concern as to whether you can use our product in your specific condition, please seek proper medical advice.

No, as they are made in standardized shapes and sizes, they cannot replace orthopedic soles.

No. There is a risk of excessive compression of your foot inside your shoe if you place the two pairs of insoles on top of each other. Further, you will not feel the heat of your insoles

Digitsole works with podiatric and biomechanical specialists to optimize the soles’ comfort. RUN PROFILER features essential ergonomic features, including:

  • SHS: Absorbs shocks and optimizes the way that vibrations propagate through your body.
  • X-torsion: Improves the stability of the foot and prevents the risk of twisting.
  • Flex-zone: Optimizes the foot’s natural movement.
  • Arch Support: Supports the arch of your foot.


To download the app, you need a smartphone that is compatible with the app, i.e., a phone running Android 5.0 and above or iOS 9 and above. When you visit your phone’s app store, search for the dedicated app, known as “Digitsole WARM SERIES” and take the one with the white insole on the icon. Therefore, download the app.

Se till att du har den senaste versionen av Digitsole Warm Series appen. Är du det minsta osäker, avinstallera appen från telefonen starta om telefonen och installera appen på nytt. Se också till att telefonen har den senaste systemuppdateringen.


Download your App from Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (IOS).

In the search bar type in “Digitsole Warm Series” and follow the steps for downloading the App.



Once the App has been successfully downloaded click open and you will see the page congratulating you. Then, click on the CONTINUE bar at the bottom of the page.



You will be asked to provide your email address for validation of you purchase, and notifications regarding new updates.

When done click "CONTINUE".



You have to verify the following requirements in order to successfully pair your new insoles to the device. If you don’t do so, you won't be able to use them.

- Your insoles need to be unplugged

- Your insoles need to be OFF (Check that the LED lights on the interior side of the insoles, near to the micro USD plug are neither Green, nor Red)


Once this is checked, tap on "I AM READY" on the bottom button.



We need some basic information about yourself, so that we can provide you with the best possible results with our Smart Tracking System.

Enter you Name, Gender, Height, and Weight by clicking on each field and entering your information using either the keyboard or the sliding bar.


When done click on "CONNECT MY INSOLES" at the bottom of the page.



Your insoles should be off at this point, and your device will ask you to TURN YOUR INSOLES ON. You have 30 SECONDS to do so.

- Turn on your Left and Right insoles one after the other by pushing on the small button on the interior side of the insole next to the USB plug sockets.

- You should now see "RIGHT INSOLE CONNECTED" and "LEFT INSOLE CONNECTED" at the bottom of each insole image.


Just in case: help me, it is not working!!!

Don't worry, you will succeed in a few seconds.

- If you fail on the first attempt after the 30 seconds, make sure that you turn BOTH of your insoles off again so that you can start the process again. When ready, click on the “TRY AGAIN” button, and wait for 5 seconds. You can now turn on your insoles to pair them.

- If one of your insoles is still not pairing with your phone, make sure that the green LED is on. If not, it probably means that your insole is fully discharged. Plug it in to a power source, and wait for at least 10mn before trying the pairing process again. You won't have enough battery to fully use it, but you will at least be able to pair it.

- If your insole is still not pairing after this quick charge, please contact us so that we can help you at



Now that the pairing is done, you are now ready to warm your feet and track your day.


First, make sure your insoles are fully charged:

  • Connect a micro-USB cable to each insole and
  • Connect the USB end to a USB power source (computer or USB charger)
  • A red LED should turn on each insole to indicate charging
  • The red LEDs will flash once the insoles are fully charged.
  • You can then try to turn the insoles on again by pressing the power button. The LED will turn green.

If after following these steps you still can’t turn your insoles on, please contact us: contact@digitsole.com

If you cannot turn your insoles off by pressing the power button for 5 seconds, you need to plug them to a charger. This will reset your insoles, and they should work as expected again.

If after following these steps you still can’t turn your insoles on, please contact us: contact@digitsole.com

In the case your phone battery discharges, you will no longer be able to interact with your insoles. However, should you have set a temperature before the battery has discharged, the temperature will still be regulated at the last set temperature. Additionally, if you started a tracking session, the insoles will continue to collect and store data. Once you reconnect your phone, you will be able to regain control over your insoles, both for heating and tracking data.

In case your phone battery has discharged and you want to turn off your insoles, you will have to do this manually with the power switch on the insoles.

If the LED is blinking, it means that your insole is fully charged.

During the pairing process:

Start by checking that your insoles are off when starting the pairing process or when requested, and turn them on by pressing the switch only when prompted. If this doesn’t work, please check the points below.

In all other situations:

- Check that your Bluetooth is on

- Fully charge your insoles: Plug your insoles, until the red LED is flashing

- Make sure to unplug your insoles, insoles cannot be detected while charging

- Turn your phone's bluetooth off and on again

- If still encountering issues, reset the insoles by plugging them in/out.

If you still can’t detect your insoles, please contact us: contact@digitsole.com


The Warm Series app lets you track your activity (distance, steps taken, calories burned…). When you turn the tracking on, two modes are available: indoor and outdoor.


Outdoor mode:

The tracking information generated by your insoles will be completed by your phone’s GPS to be able to map your path. The outdoor mode should be used during outdoor activities where you carry your phone.


Indoor mode:

Only the tracking information generated by your insoles will be used. The app will not use your phone’s GPS and you will not be able to map your path. The indoor mode should be used for indoor activities (e.g. treadmill), and when you don't carry your phone or don’t have access to the phone’s GPS. The tracking information will be calculated from your insole's internal sensors only.


You don't need to be connected to your phone all the time once the track has started (i.e. you can leave your phone at home): all the data from your insoles will be synchronized as soon as you reconnect to your insoles.

Yes. Your Warm Series were designed to maintain the desired temperature while enclosed in your shoes, not in open air. Their purpose is to maintain your feet at a comfortable temperature in cold weather, while also avoiding them becoming hot and sweaty.

Also note that the sensation of hot or cold is different for each individual and is not perceived in the same way in your hand or feet.

You can clean your insoles using a damp cloth with soap and let them dry at ambient temperature. Do not place them on a hot surface or a radiator. Cleaning your insoles with a damp cloth will not damage your insoles as they are IP56 water-resistant. Do not use other cleaning products.